Monday, January 17, 2011


Ever since I have partaken of the blog environment on the world wide web of internet super highways, I've always wanted to do something sports related but have never really gotten a chance (or had the patience enough) to do. 

This time, I really, really want to try it. 

I mentioned early on that this blog would not strictly be a sports one, and I stand by that. But if you know us you know that from pretty much April March February though October November, Mel and I are all about the great game. 

So I figured that now that we've started up this little blog, with our own rules, what better time to do the following: 

Blog about every single Rangers game. 

You heard me. 

This idea came to me after I first read this book by Red Sox fan and horror writer Stephen King and his friend and fellow writer Stewart O'Nan called "Faithful". Basically, it's a collection of thoughts, recaps, and e-mail conversations between the two about almost every single game during that unbelievable 2004 season. 

Even further than that, I read "Now I Can Die In Peace" by Bill Simmons. It's a little different kind of set-up content wise, but is basically the same thing. 

And not to be left out, Joe Siegler's website was a big player in me wanting to do this. 

So beginning with the first game of the spring, and ending with the final game of the season (whenever that may be - hopefully November), I'm going to attempt a post a day to recap that day/evening in Ranger baseball. I can tell you that first weekend in March has the possibilities of being a really entertaining one with Mel and I taking our first married couple trip to Arizona for spring training. She has even alerted me that she'd be up for taking control every one in awhile to talk some sports. 

So between the both of us this should be fun. Or a train wreck. Or both. 

Keep in mind, there will still be other content, a lot of it likely being intertwined with that day's daily regimen of baseball talk, so don't automatically lose all interest in us (if you had any kind of interest in us to begin with). 

Thanks for reading. And sports. 

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