Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top 10 Robert Earl Keen Songs

Robert Earl Keen is 55 years old today. Happy birthday to him.

In honor of the birthday boy, here's a little Top 10 List I whipped together of the greatest REK songs on my iPod ever. Not CD specific.

And no, I'm not going to go right to the wheel-well and put Road Goes On Forever automatically at #1. It's a good song and easily his most famous. But that would be too easy.

Same thing with "Merry Christmas To The Family". It's garnered him a good share of popularity, but it's not his best.

So feel free to rate and debate as you'd like. Even make your own lists, I'd love to see them. Really. I would.

10. Five Pound Bass - Although I will admit, the #9 Live Diner version is a little more raucous and fun than the regular album version.

9. What I Really Mean - Easily my favorite of the material he's put out over the last couple years or so.

8. Feelin' Good Again - When you hear that guitar kicking it off, the volume immediately goes up.

7. I'm Coming Home

6. The Road Goes On Forever - I thought this would be a fair spot for it to be. Making it #1 is too much of a give-up in my opinion, and leaving it off the list entirely when it's his most popular song doesn't seem right. So here it shall be.

5. Levelland - Easily #1 for my Dad though.

4. Gringo Honeymoon

3. Down That Dusty Trail - Since my REK consciousness began, I've made it a point to give this song a listen on my birthday every year.

2. The Front Porch Song - On this one, I am a little more partial to the live version of it where REK goes on a talking spree in the middle of the song about he and Lyle Lovett sitting in their underwear and playing guitar to the Presbyterians (or "Presmaterians" as he says on the album) as they exited church on Sundays. Love it.

1. Corpus Christi Bay

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  1. Good list. Glad to see "Porch" so high. Love that live version. Other favorites include Dreadful Selfish Crime, Think it Over One Time, Rolling By, and Travelling Light.