Thursday, January 27, 2011

Top 5 movie scenes to have ever made me cry

This did not make the list.

We were introduced to the greatness of Netflix last summer when my sister gave it to me as a birthday gift. Life has not been quite the same since.

Especially since you can watch NetFlix via the good graces of the internet or the Wii. I've watched and re-watched the final episode of M*A*S*H six times now.

In honor of the greatness that is Netflix, here's a little Top 5 list I have whipped up for you consisting of the Top 5 movie scenes to have ever caused me to sob or shed tears of pain, sorrow, or grief.

5. The Rookie (Dennis Quaid calls home to talk to Rachel Griffiths to tell her that he's being called up, and she puts their son - the kid from Two an a Half Men - on the phone)

I know what you're saying. Shut up.

4. Million Dollar Baby (Every scene in the hospital)

When one person asks another person if they can end their life to ease the suffering, how is that not sad?

3. My Life (Pretty much everything from about 20 minutes in until the end of the movie) 

To watch this movie is to peel an onion and hold it directly in front of your eyes. There's not really any one or two scenes in this movie to make you well up. Instead it's pretty much the whole thing. I've only seen it once, and although it truly is an excellent film, now that I'm happily married and intent on starting a family one day I'm somewhat hesitant to watch it again. 

2. Saving Private Ryan (The beginning of the movie at the the cemetery in Normandy, Tom Hanks dying, elder James Ryan asking his wife to tell him he is a "good man") 

Always a stop down anytime it's on TNT. Of course I have to mention the D-Day scene at the beginning of the film.

1. Marley & Me (Owen Wilson and Marley sittin' on a hill, and that scene in the animal hospital at the end of the movie) 

I'm a dog lover, and I know that the fact that this is a fairly recent movie may cheapen this list to some. But try explaining that to the John that was sitting in the theater watching this transpire on the big screen and making more audible weeping noises than at any other time during film watching. Even Mel, who also had a case of wet-eye, reached over and put her hand on my hand as if to say "Good grief, you're a wuss. You will never know how much I love you at this very moment."

Happy movie watching.

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