Sunday, February 6, 2011

LIVE BLOG: Super Bowl XLV from our living room

When Arlington was announced as the host for Super Bowl XLV, we knew we wouldn't be going anywhere that day. All it takes is one left turn at a stop light from our house and we would likely be engulfed in a sea of football traffic and crazy Steeler and Packer fans. So, we've barricaded ourselves in the house, and since we're not going anywhere today, I've decided to live blog the events of today's big game from the living room couch.

10:35 AM - Already at my post for the day, complete with sweatpants and sweatshirt. Fire is already fully operational with plenty of logs to go. Fridge is loaded up with Diet Coke. All that we're missing now is an ice storm.

10:40 AM - My plan for the day has already failed me when I realized the login and password combination my friend Robert gave me to listen to Liverpool matches online is no longer working. Not sure if it's expired or what. I'm going to have to catch the replay tomorrow Fox Soccer Channel is not a high priority at the Vittas house. Struggling.

10:51 AM - The official FOX Super Bowl pregame show starts at 1:00 PM. The Super Bowl starts at 5:25. Never ceases to amaze me.

11:03 AM - I just looked at the clock and realized what a daunting task this is I have started.

11:32 AM - Trying to follow a sporting event along via Twitter is not the easiest of things a person can do. LFC is up 1-0 though over hated Chelsea, and Torres failed miserably in his debut. So that's a plus.

12:01 PM - I'm about one and one half hours into this Super Bowl coverage basically being used as background noise while I blog/read the W book. Pretty tell-tale sign to see how far we've fallen as a nation in a whole when an interview between Obama and Bill O'Reilly is promoted to take place during FOX's big four hour long Super Bowl pregame show extravaganza along with a couple of performances by Keith Urban and Maroon 5. Really? What about a sit-down conversation between Joe Biden and the FOX robot while we're at it?

12:02 PM - It's all over at Stamford Bridge: LFC 1 - Chelsea 0. I should just end things here.

1:00 PM - Well, we've cleared at least one hurdle - the actual pregame show has begun. FOX has a pretty spiffy looking set up outside of the stadium (no doubt the most sun-filled side).

This red carpet crap is going to get real annoying real quick however, I can already tell.

1:40 PM - So, I'm not what you would call "savvy" on the entertainment scene, but I have a couple of questions.

1. Who the heck is Olivia Munn?

2. Why do we even care what she thinks about Dallas? (Language warning)

1:44 PM - Olivia Munn is apparently a correspondent on The Daily Show. Good for her.

She's also been in a few movies according to Wikipedia, beginning with the 2004 film "Scarecrow Gone Wild" where she played the illustrious role of "Girl #1. One year later, she starred as "Asian Mob Girl" in the memorable film "The Road To Canyon Lake".

She's also made the late night talk show rounds a bunch of times.

I'm looking to land the role of "Greek Mob Boy" in any upcoming films to validate my Twitter account, so if you know of any let me know.

2:00 - You know what would be awesome? If the Red Carpet was covered in an avalanche of snow falling off the roof of the DeathStar. That would be awesome.

2:06 PM - The Puppy Bowl has commenced on Animal Planet. Now we're talking.

2:53 PM - Is it me, or did Harrison Ford seem like he had been enjoying a few adult beverages before getting to the stadium? Boy, these Red Carpet interviews are so struggling.

3:03 PM - So Mel just suggested that I look to see if there are any Plaza tickets left for the game. A quick check on StubHub reveals there are none available.

There are however 40 actual game tickets left. You can own one of 3 available tickets in the Premium Club level if you act right now. It will only run you approximately $12,779.00. That is per seat.

I don't think I am worth that much money.

3:16 PM - The Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston throwing a pass to Micheal Strahan bit was the high point of the Red Carpet stuff so far today.

3:40 PM - They just did a segment with the E*Trade baby. FOX sports is now dead to me. And to think there's still an hour and a half to go of this crap.

4:02 PM - Obama has spoken. Double Dave's has been ordered. I'm more excited about the latter.

4:14 PM - Hey, these guys are actually talking sports again!!

4:23 PM - I just took the dogs out for the first time since this morning, and while there is a little heavier traffic flow than you would see on a typical Sunday, surprisingly enough there were no hoards of football fans marching up and down the street and the air is not filled with zeppelins and planes trailing banners behind them.


4:46 PM - In my opinion, about the only funny halfway tolerable thing that Frank Caliendo does is his Charles Barkley impression.

4:54 PM - Terry Bradshaw just said that he thought Ben would pull this one out.

I really should stop now.

5:24 PM - Christina Aguilera messed up the words to the National Anthem, and we're off to a rip-roaring start.

5:29 PM - Good job, Michael Douglas. That was pretty sportsy.

5:36 PM - Steelers win the opening toss and immediately go three and out. Green Bay punt returner did about as good a job receiving the punt as Christina Aguilera did singing.

5:43 PM - First round of Super Bowl commercials. The Audi one was definitely the most inventive. And was that Captain Harris from the Police Academy movies I saw?

5:59 PM - Dinner has arrived.

6:02 PM - Speaking of food, I hope A-Rod chokes on that popcorn Cameron Diaz was feeding him a little bit ago.

6:04 PM - Jordy "La Forge" Nelson gets Green Bay on the board.

6:18 PM - Ben R. is favoring his leg. Things are not looking good for the Steelers. It's still holding up better than Evgeni Malkin's leg is right now though.

6:36 PM - A fun Super Bowl fact currently being tweeted around: The largest Super Bowl deficit ever to be overcome is 10 (Super Bowls 22 and 44). Steelers were down by 14.

6:42 PM - Super 8: If it's J.J. Abrams, I'm interested.

6:50 PM - Really, Chevy Cruze? Facebook in your car? Safe much?

6:58 PM - At the rate that we're at, the Packers will have no players left on defense by the end of the 3rd quarter.

7:13 PM - It's time for the halftime show, and hey look, there's Slash. Also I wonder how many AA batteries it took to light up all of the Black Eyed Peas's costumes?

7:22 PM - Well, that was crazy-ass.

7:32 PM - In other news, it is currently raining and 43 degrees outside. Those $300 tickets to sit outside and watch the game on a giant television seem like a bargain right now.

7:42 PM - Touchdown, Steelers. 21-17. We've got a ballgame here, folks.

7:51 PM - They're short, and there's not really much to them, but I think I've liked these commercials most of all.

8:00 PM - Shaun Suisham may have just tied a record for the worst field goal atempt ever.

8:14 PM - I can't believe I've really been doing this since 10:30 this morning. What's the matter with me?

8:23 PM - Brilliant decision by Mike Tomlin to have the Packers re-kick on that last penalty. First kick = 70 yards. Re-kick = a much more human 45 yards. Good job, sports man.

8:33 PM - Packers TD puts them up by 11. Also, I think I'm interested in seeing Rango.

8:44 PM - Touchdown Steelers. What a throw, what a catch. This is a pretty exciting game we've got going on.

8:53 PM - Under 4:00 left in this one. Nothing less than a touchdown will do for the Packers.

8:59 PM - Ben Roethlisberger may very well lock up a trip to the Hall Of Fame with this next possession by the Steelers. It depends on what they do.

9:04 PM - 4th down - and here's your ballgame.

9:05 PM - Ballgame.

9:10 PM - Congratulations, Packers fans. They'll be partying out on Collins Street tonight.

Pitchers and catchers report in 10 days.

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  1. I'm enjoying your updates! I can finish watching the Pawn Stars marathon and check on the game without changing channels. Thanks!