Thursday, June 2, 2011

Homeownership: Day 2

The lights came on at 500 Hinsdale today for the very first time under ownership of a Vittas. How did we celebrate this occaison?

I went over after work and sprayed some hornet nests with bug spray. Get used to a lot of this, boy.

One startling discovery that was made was that to go along with the vines of grapes growing in the backyard, the apple tree, the plum tree, and the herb garden, we also have blackberries growing on the side of the house. So knowing that, the fruit salad may be a frequent specialty at the new residence.

Or not. Who knows.

To be perfectly honest, it's still a little new to the both of us, this "home owner" moniker. But I'm sure that once the new coats of paints have have been applied, each one with a stroke of tender, loving care (that sounded gay) things will begin to feel more and more like home.

More to come soon.

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