Monday, July 11, 2011

Before and After Pics

Well, I tried to wait until we had some semblance of things in place and boxes out of the way. So, here you go. Noticeably absent are the two extra bedrooms which are still an assortment of bags and boxes. One will become the guest room, the other will morph into the office/sports room.

Family Room

before: (gross)

after: painted and added crown molding

Dog Room



Master Bedroom (Hey Now)

before: ugly paint

after: paint and crown molding

Master Bathroom

before: attack of the sponge-painted stars


2nd Bath

before: aaaggh, scary

after: the baseball bathroom still has some work to be done.
(please note the baseball bat towel rack on the counter that I just got in the mail today)

Living Room

before: (awesome curtains)



before: 1979 threw up in the kitchen and never left.

after: box light = gone, can lights in / popcorn ceiling = gone, smooth ceiling in / terrible border = gone, new paint

Dining Room

before: blech

after: popcorn ceiling, ugly fan = gone / new ceiling texture + new light fixture + crown molding = in