Saturday, April 2, 2011

3 things I think that I think about Opening Day

I don't know you very well yet, Yorvit Torrealba, but I like this. 

OK, so I know neither one of us has blogged anything in almost a month. Sorry. We've been kinda busy.

I say that knowing that our lives are about to get MUCH busier knowing that another MLB season is upon us and I still work 937 hours a week. I actually have rare Saturday off for a change and thought I would take the opportunity to sit around in my pajamas to actually blog something. So here you go.

Earlier this year I proposed the idea that we would blog something about every game we either watch on television or attend in person. Well, one down, 161 to go (maybe).

So the three things that stood out to me about this, the opening game of the 51st year of the Washington Sentators/Texas Rangers franchise:

1. Opening Day - What a fantastic day. Nobody is bad, nobody is good. Every team is the same at the start of a new season, and that feeling you get once you see an old friend for the first time in forever is something close to what you feel when you walk from the concourse to the seating section and see that big, green expanse of dirt and grass in front of you. Greatness.

2. Julio Borbon - That being said, I'm not sure what's gotten in to this guy. Is he talented? Yes. Undoubtedly yes. I think he demonstrated that when he stole home in Boston last season. But the guy has no clue how to unlock all that potential he has stored inside of him. After a terrible spring on the basepaths, on the field, and generally all over, starting the season by bumping into your right fielder and causing an easy out to turn into a two-base error is not the way you want to get your season started off.

3. Mike Napoli - A cult hero already amongst Ranger fans already? Maybe. But with the way he swung the bat and wielded the glove yesterday afternoon I'd like to see the guy in the lineup as much as possible this season.

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