Saturday, April 13, 2013

Madeline's nursery

Whew.... What a freakin relief to have her nursery "done."  Everything had been hung and up for a couple of weeks, but I still had so many piles of stuff everywhere while I was procrastinating on figuring out how I wanted everything organized.  But today, one giant exhale.  It's done.  All of her clothes are washed, everything is put away, and the closet is actually relatively neat (although no photographic evidence.)

I envisioned the nursery to be shabby chic and girly without it being pink throw up.  (This is when I mention, so if baby # 2, (whenever that may be) is a boy, I can make some minor changes and have it work.  This is when John says "can we please get through Baby #1 before you start talking about #2??")  It really turned out as good, if not better than I had imagined.

Furniture: God bless Canton. The dresser and wardrobe were a steal.  Not to mention the wardrobe allows me to have so much more space available in the closet.  The swivel rocking chair was a $30 craigslist find.  I had originally planned on having it recovered, but like having one pop of pink in the room, and again - I can always change my mind and have it recovered later.  The side table was also a craigslist treasure--a table that is actually still sold at PB Kids, for 3x what we paid for it.  The crib - credits go to Yiayia and Papou for that.  Love the vintage Jenny Lind style, it's a perfect fit in the room.

Accessories: God bless Pinterest. I hacked the Shel Silverstein gallery from someone - thank you.  The curtains add just the right touch - thanks Oma and Opa!  The metal "M" - again, score 1 for Canton.  The big white frames with fabric - thank you random Pinterest-er.  The mobile and lampshade - product of a Pinterest-y crafty morning with Oma and Aunt Sally.  The crib bedding was definitely a custom splurge, but justified by the awesome deals we got on everything else, I didn't lose too much sleep over it :)

There are lots of thanks, but the 4 most important:
Barbs: Thank you for your handiness.  Thank you for coming over with your toolkits (yes, people, she has multiple), drilling and helping me make sure everything is level.  The room would definitely not be as precise without you.
Kiley & Sally:  Thank you for putting up with my 5 bajillion texts asking for advice.  I promise at some point, I will be able to make a decision without y'all's input.
John:  Thank you for (within reason) letting me have free reign.  And for pretending to care when I asked for your input.  I love you.

my attempt at the panoramic shot